Our brand Ivysister was founded by two sisters, Lynsey and Christy Knowles. Launched in January 2019 the brand that has been a dream for years finally came to fruition. The name Ivysister stems from the plant Ivy which symbolizes strength, love and friendship. All major contributors to how our life has been shaped, through the loss of our dad at a young age we thought there wasn’t a better name more suited to represent us in our brand as we believe family is everything.  

Intimates Concept Story
Ivysister intimates allows you to express in any way you wish! We want all our girls to feel pretty, beautiful and confident in our collections. All our pieces are delicately designed to all our girls desires. No details have gone a miss.
Activewear Concept Story 
Our Activewear is designed for people who appreciate beauty, comfort and simplicity. We have created functional stylish sports performance apparel aimed to stand out from the crowd.
We are committed to growing our ivysister community so everyone can feel confident whilst being the best versions of themselves.
Love Lynsey and Christy x 


Sustainability. It’s the word making waves in the fashion industry, but for us, it’s a way of life. 

Here at Ivysister, we’re passionate about providing a better future for our planet, creating carefully considered pieces that are low on waste and high on style.

We worked with Green Story to calculate the CO2 emissions from each stage of our supply chain. This enabled us to measure our carbon footprint for each product and find the best suited carbon offset projects.

Our approach for carbon neutrality is to offset our carbon footprint along our supply chain and have a mix of Reforestation, Renewable Energy and Community projects. We worked with Green Story to handpick projects based on their type, location, and benefits. Each project supports multiple UN sustainable development goals in addition to offsetting CO2.

All our projects are rigorously verified and certified through The Gold StandardClean Development Mechanism (CDM) and Climate Action Reserve. These independent verifiers make sure that the projects are working to deliver the benefits they promise.